So while this is humorous, it’s not funny at all

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Tricks to appear smart in meetings?! Humour here is actually revealing a bigger trend that I find concerning.

In my own life and circle of friends and acquaintances, I’ve noticed huge disenchantment with structured work environments particularly corporate environments and the way business is done or is expected to be done.

I’ve been pretty interested in unpacking what the actual reason for this significant backlash has been and I have noticed that people are exhausted. Beyond exhausted. And not necessarily from working hard or putting effort and energy into their projects but exhausted from the intangible things such as offices politics and unannounced expectations.

One has to question if the current expectations¬†or existing structures will eventually squash all passion and success if change doesn’t happen.

In general there seems to be an air of questioning things in the world at the moment from food to currency to work to personal life. I wonder where this will lead us? Biggest risk is losing talented people in industries and sectors due to upholding processes or systems for the sake of tradition. Without engaged people and new ways of thinking we will stagnate.

I think it’s time to break the mould. There are only so many team spirit breakaways before people realize words are just words if there is no action.

It’s time to take the lead and make the change happen. In my opinion anyway.



What is currency anyway?

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As a big fan of the band Mastodon, I was excited to see that they are using bitcoin as a means of payment for their new album.

This was significant for me as they aren’t a major commercial band in the mass market sense but in their respective genre they have a strong following and a lot of influence as a band.

This is another shift in people starting to challenge the status quo and how they define value and wealth and how to redeem that for goods or social standing.

In today’s life, you could argue that the youth treat their social media status as a means of currency wanting to define their worth by the number of interactions they receive.

This is a significant shift in consumer mindset and while bitcoin may not be the final game changer in the financial world, I think it’s playing a strong role in offering an alternative way to view and manage currency.

Distruptive technology or the start of the real wave of change?

Steam punk is an African tribe

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Technology and the ability to travel both physically and virtually have brought so much to all corners of the globe.

The fact that a local cafe at the bottom of the African continent are leading with their Steam Punk delivery of coffee culture is great indication that people define their “tribe” or community based on their own beliefs and not by what is prescribed to them by borders, brands or traditional marketing metrics.

It’s time to take note that people are changing and making their own way. There are no rules anymore. Life is fluid and full of movement.

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Marketing leadership


There has been an interesting shift within organizations where marketing / brand leadership act as a conduit between areas of business to allow for the most effective delivery of service or product with the consumer being top of mind. This is quite a departure from the old approach where marketing reacts and creates activity or communication from directives or orders.

I believe this “internal consulting” role can only elevate business thinking to be more consumer centric.

It’s such an exciting time.