Feedback and the opportunity of choice

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We experience feedback every day. Stimuli and signals are being received continuously throughout the day. 

It helps us survive and protect ourselves. Don’t touch the stove. Eat when you’re hungry. Turn down the volume. Dress warmly. These signals come from our bodies and the environment and responses have largely been programmed into us. 

We are also receiving feedback from people in the form of observed body language, tone of voice, spoken words and actions experienced. Our internal dialogue very often assigns meaning to these messages and influences how we interpret them. 

We could choose to hear the feedback and act or choose to hear the feedback but disregard what we have heard. 

The key word here is choose. We get to choose and be involved in the experience. 

In my coaching sessions I always point out that it is key to start with the end in mind. If you set clear goals and outcomes, it becomes easy to process information against these goals and to decide whether the information will help you achieve your goals. 

Feedback is meant to help improve and to empower us to choose the right path, action etc to achieve our goals and successes. 

Have you thought about your goals and can you describe them? What can you do today to help use feedback to help you achieve those goals?

What will you choose to think and do today?
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