What is offensive anyway?

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I found this image posted on a Paleo blog I follow and there was a lot of discussion around everyone’s reaction to the pic.

The majority felt it was disrespectful and that it was “fat shaming” which was unacceptable.

What stood out for me, was that I have never really seen that much outrage about an actual Barbie. While I can understand the reaction to this as being seen as disrespectful, I found it interesting that people weren’t as offended by a Barbie. At the risk of sounding like a bra burning feminist (which I am not!) – Barbie that promotes unhealthy body image, reduces the female to a glamour-esque creature that needs to behave in a certain way and is overtly artificial in terms of beauty.

When did the world become more concerned about not offending people (which I can understand) versus promoting the support of natural beauty, healthy body image, a normal relationship with food and celebration of diversity.

It boggles my mind! Interesting. Had to share my views on this one.