Hosting the world’s worst party

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No one invites people over to bore them.
No one plans on hosting the worst party of all time.
No one invites people over without preparing first.
No one ignores their guests and treats them with disdain.
No one plays bad music to make people’s ears bleed.
No one makes their party venue as cramped and uncomfortable as possible.
No one hopes to leave a bad impression on people never to see them again.

So why does this keep happening in retail environments?
Why do brands continually treat their customers poorly and drive them away?

Makes you wonder why empathy to our fellow humans doesn’t come into commercial thinking. It’s such a simple strategy.

Boggles the mind.


The mushy middle

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I was inspired by an article I read about Samsung acknowledging that their cell phone business was at risk because people buy the phone for Android as opposed to Samsung. So who owns the customer – well Android does!

But so what, right? What does that mean in terms of brand and marketing? The fact is that in this competitive world of competition and same same products and offerings, people want the experience they trust and that emulates their own personal brand. The experience becomes a way for them to fulfill their needs for self actualisation.

Brands and companies who don’t realize this are at major risk and I notice in my own circle, that people underestimate how close this sense of being “defunct” really is.

It’s not coming. It’s here. Business approach and speed to market needs to be accelerated. The consumer is going to out pace us and leave us behind. The question is, how quickly we will be able to adapt and give them what they need. Time will tell!

Steam punk is an African tribe

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Technology and the ability to travel both physically and virtually have brought so much to all corners of the globe.

The fact that a local cafe at the bottom of the African continent are leading with their Steam Punk delivery of coffee culture is great indication that people define their “tribe” or community based on their own beliefs and not by what is prescribed to them by borders, brands or traditional marketing metrics.

It’s time to take note that people are changing and making their own way. There are no rules anymore. Life is fluid and full of movement.

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