Demographics to die for

Culture of change

Demographics are selfish.

Demographics are dangerous.

Demographics can kill brands.

They’re designed for marketers. To make our lives easier. Not for consumers. They have a shelf life. They don’t take mindset and ideals into consideration. The risk of being this naive is a risk not worth taking in my opinion.

The consumer comes first. Always. Regardless. I hope a massive wave of awareness sweeps through our industry and washes all the assumptions away.

Here’s a great article by Seth Godin who describes this far more eloquently than I ever could.

Seth Godin: The end of geography


Marketing leadership


There has been an interesting shift within organizations where marketing / brand leadership act as a conduit between areas of business to allow for the most effective delivery of service or product with the consumer being top of mind. This is quite a departure from the old approach where marketing reacts and creates activity or communication from directives or orders.

I believe this “internal consulting” role can only elevate business thinking to be more consumer centric.

It’s such an exciting time.