Demographics to die for

Culture of change

Demographics are selfish.

Demographics are dangerous.

Demographics can kill brands.

They’re designed for marketers. To make our lives easier. Not for consumers. They have a shelf life. They don’t take mindset and ideals into consideration. The risk of being this naive is a risk not worth taking in my opinion.

The consumer comes first. Always. Regardless. I hope a massive wave of awareness sweeps through our industry and washes all the assumptions away.

Here’s a great article by Seth Godin who describes this far more eloquently than I ever could.

Seth Godin: The end of geography


Hosting the world’s worst party

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No one invites people over to bore them.
No one plans on hosting the worst party of all time.
No one invites people over without preparing first.
No one ignores their guests and treats them with disdain.
No one plays bad music to make people’s ears bleed.
No one makes their party venue as cramped and uncomfortable as possible.
No one hopes to leave a bad impression on people never to see them again.

So why does this keep happening in retail environments?
Why do brands continually treat their customers poorly and drive them away?

Makes you wonder why empathy to our fellow humans doesn’t come into commercial thinking. It’s such a simple strategy.

Boggles the mind.